Powering Open Virtual Worlds

True Digital Ownership

Finally. Own your digital goods, in-game items, and rewards.

On Arcadeum, you hold your items in your own private wallet, where nobody (not even us) can mess with them. Your items belong to you and you alone.

Play to Own

Playing blockchain games means that the in-game rewards you unlock and win, are yours to keep! Winning battles, completing quests, and defeating your opponents allows you to keep the items you've battled hard to win.

Provably Fair

Enjoy digital gaming without the digital cheating. Every game built on the Arcadeum platform is cryptographically secure; no more hackers, and no more cheaters dominating leaderboards and prize pools.

On Arcadeum, all players play the game as intended. It’s a win-win for gamers and developers. Rest assured that the best players in Arcadeum have earned their successes.

Open Ecosystem

You can import game items from one game into another. Or, for the more adventurous, you can create your own games based on your items earned in another game!

On Arcadeum, everything is open source and on the blockchain. A secure economy, with endless possibilities.

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