The Crypto Arcade

A Decentralized Video Game Platform built for Ethereum

Play Games, Earn Crypto

True Digital Ownership

Finally. Own your digital games, in-game items, and rewards.

No more worrying about some publisher flooding the market, going out of business, nerfing your items or devaluing your skins.

On Arcadeum, you hold your items in your own private wallet, where nobody (not even us) can mess with them. Your items belong to you and you alone.

Play to Earn

Play games. Earn crypto. It doesn’t get much better than that.

On Arcadeum, digital games create real-world rewards. Winning battles, completing quests, and defeating opponents earn you rewards and in-game items tradeable in the marketplace. Whether you keep them, trade them, or sell them for cryptocurrency is entirely up to you.

Provably Fair

Enjoy digital gaming without the digital cheating. Every move in every Arcadeum game is cryptographically secure; no more hackers, and no more cheaters dominating leaderboards and prize pools.

On Arcadeum, all players play the games as intended. It’s a win-win for gamers and developers. Rest assured that the best players in Arcadeum have earned their successes.

Open Ecosystem,
Open Economy

All game items can be bought, sold and traded in a marketplace. It’s easy, transparent, and you can sell to anyone at anytime.

You can import game items from one game into another. Or, for the more adventurous, you can create your own games based on your items earned in another game!

On Arcadeum, everything is open source and on the blockchain. A secure economy, with endless possibilities.

Games on Arcadeum



SkyWeaver brings competitive Trading Card Games to the blockchain. Here, you’ll battle opponents, win and trade scarce cards, and earn crypto. The battles won and lost in SkyWeaver directly affect the number of cards in the game — giving players direct control over the supply, scarcity, and value of SkyWeaver itself!

In an ethereal realm called Sky, a battle rages between Order and Chaos. You are the SkyWeaver, and you must choose which side you’ll represent to save Sky from Oblivion. But choose wisely: for as battle takes toll on Sky and its inhabitants, their cards are created and destroyed forever in the real world!


Your Game Here

Build your game on Arcadeum and enter the new era of gaming: blockchain gaming.

The games, the worlds, the economics, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to blockchain gaming. But, building blockchain architecture isn’t easy. Fortunately, Arcadeum solves the architectural issues, so that you don’t have to.

Contribute to Arcadeum

Open Ecosystem, Open Economy, Open Source

Arcadeum is a community platform — for the players and developers, by the players and developers.

We believe that we’re better off working together. We’re founded in decentralization, open source, and community creation.

And we’re always seeking contributors to the cause. If you’re someone who wants to help make Arcadeum more awesome, please visit our GitHub, join our Discord, or contact us below.

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